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  • Oiling cutting board with linseed oil June 3, 2023
    Hi community, while eagerly waiting for our Koda 16 to arrive i am browsing the webs to obtain lots of info ;). I do read that oiling the cutting board will give some care for it. My questions about linseed oil for oiling the pizza cutting board if appropriate in this sub; - Can you […]
  • Friday Night Za June 3, 2023
    submitted by /u/antheus1 [link] [comments]
  • Prosciutto & Peach white pizza via Ooni Karu 12. Bonus messed up pizza. June 3, 2023
    submitted by /u/HockeyDadNinja [link] [comments]
  • Karu 12 Propane Very Sooty June 3, 2023
    Tonight was the third time using my Karu 12 with a gas adapter and I have noticed the top of the front door area gets very black and sooty. The first two times I figured I was just burning off manufacturing oil but I thought propane would burn cleaner by now. I leave the front […]
  • Door hinge screw | Karu 16 June 3, 2023
    Hi all, Just received my Karu 16 yesterday - so excited to get this party started. Unfortunately I received one Torx door hinge screw (part C) and one female end for a screw C instead of two screw C’s. Is there somewhere to buy replacements? Anyone know the specs of that screw so I can […]
  • Bottom edges burning June 2, 2023
    Been using my Ooni Fyra for about 6 months and have really improved over time. However, I still find that the outer edges under the crust get black while the rest of the pizza is ok. Today my first pizza was perfect, but the second had the burnt edges. I can’t recall if it’s always […]
  • Getting the hang of it! June 2, 2023
    submitted by /u/Erinkatezz [link] [comments]
  • The best birthday by far. Can’t wait to put this oven together this weekend. Any good tips before I start cooking? Thanks in advance. June 2, 2023
    submitted by /u/7empest777 [link] [comments]
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